take your skin to the gym! 
Take your skin to the gym!

Do you know that one secret to youthful looking skin is to exercise your skin?
Since our skin is slightly acidic, if we wash our face with a medical grade “not store bought” face wash such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid we are stimulating dead skin cells to slough off and make fresh new cells. Once our skin makes fresh new cells, we not only have a glow we are actually increasing collagen which equals better elasticity.
Glycolic acid:
Studies have proven glycolic acid to be a very potent skin rejuvenator that begins to exfoliate almost immediately upon application. Because it is such a good exfoliant, some people worry that it might thin their skin. Rest assured, it isn’t cause for concern.
Glycolic acid, like any exfoliant, will thin the top layer of skin. That is why people who use glycolic acid notice a healthy new glow to their skin. With continued treatments, the epidermis will thicken, further restoring the skins appearance.

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