Winter Skin Do's and Don'ts  
Tips to prevent dry skin this winter.

-Do apply moisturizer over entire face and body after showering.
-Do take fish oil or essential fatty acids every day.
Fish oils will moisturize skin from the inside out.
-Do remember to wear SPF when exposing your skin to the sun for more than 30 minutes.
-Do keep SPF in the car and apply to the side of your face that is exposed to the sun.
It's common to have sun damage to one side of your face that is consistently exposed to the sun.
-Do apply SPF chapstick to lips when needed.

-Don't forget to change your face and body wash to a more moisturizing type.
-Don't shower with hot water.
It will dry out your skin.
-Don't forget to moisturize your skin as soon as you dry off.
You want to trap moisture into the skin.
-Don't blast the heat in your car on extreme cold days.
The extreme change in temperature can damage fragile facial capillaries.
Wearing a heavy moisturizer will help allow the skin time to adjust from extreme temperatures.
-Don't blow your nose so hard! This can damage capillaries around the nose.
-Don't forget to use fragrance free laundry soap and fragrance free fabric softener.
Your skin will thank you!

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