Another Tip for Dry Skin This Winter. 
Professional Skin Care Advice
Now that winter is here, at least where I live, it's time to make some changes to our basic skin care regimen.
It's important to switch your body wash from gel to a more moisture rich sensitive skin type. And for heaven sake, stop using hot water! At least for the winter months. It's so important to moisturizer your entire body once you dry off. I know you have been told this over and over again, however it's a huge step in order to trap moisture into the skin. Once again, switch your body and facial moisturizer to a heavier and richer type.
Note: If you have oily skin or combination skin, use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. It's always important to apply additional moisture around the eye area. Even if you have very oily skin, you should apply and eye gel or creme under the eyes.
Over the years in my profession I see so many of my clients with over dry cracked skin on their heals.
With one simple added step to your daily skin regimen this condition can be minimized if not eliminated completely!
My favorite tip: In the evening at bedtime, keep a jar or tube of a petroleum based product like Vaseline on your night stand.
After you climb into bed, rub the product on your heels, your cuticles of your feet and hands. You may put on cotton socks to protect your bedding if you like. I personally have been doing this same step for years and I have never had dry feet of dry hands. It's a habit worth developing.
I have found that most lotions, even for the hands tend to not work as well as good old fashion Vaseline. Plus they tend to cost more than what you may need to spend.
Note: When skin becomes severely cracked applying a lotion full of chemicals can burn and itch. In which case applying a petroleum based product will not have that reaction.
Ok, hope that helps with anyone suffering from over dry or cracked skin.

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