Do You Know that Acrylic Nails Can Cause Age Spots? 
Are you addicted to Gel and Acrylic nails? Well, I would like to give you a little tip that can save you from age spots and potential skin cancer on the top of your hands. Before you head out to your manicurist, please make it a habit to apply SPF to your hands!

Apply a water proof 30+ SPF to your hands before your visit. The UV lights that help cure the gel and acrylics can damage the skin on the top your hands. The UV lights are just as damaging as the lights used in tanning booths. Plus who wants hands that look old before thier time?

Make it a habit to keep a tube of SPF in your car. Apply it to the top your hands before or while driving. And don't forget to protect the skin on your face and neck while driving! The sun coming through the glass can damage your skin even during cold winter days.

Take my advice...the one liitle minute of time that is takes to apply an SPF on your hands will over the years leave you with youthful looking hands.

As you may or may not realize, people often guess our age by our neck and hands:)

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Why Is My face So Red? By Homeopathic and Herbal 
Douse the flames of red, burning cheeks…

The face harbors a large quantity of tiny blood vessels just under the surface of the skin. Facial flushing occurs when there is a sudden increase of blood flowing through these vessels them to swell. In time, ongoing dilation may cause blood vessels to get larger and appear like small red lines on the surface of the skin.

Exaggerated red cheeks or patches of red may appear on the face, and many people find that their facial skin may become increasingly sensitive - often reacting to skin products, such as conventional lotions or soaps.

Tiny red bumps may accompany the area of redness, and as flare-ups continue, the redness increases, then the flare-ups occur more often - creating a pesky and embarrassing cycle. If left untreated, the redness and red lines may become permanent.

Certain triggers can cause flushing of the skin mostly in the cheek and nose areas. These triggers can include sun, stress, hot weather, alcohol, caffeine, spicy food, exercise, hot baths, and cold weather.

The natural way

Like other organs, the skin requires good nutrients and balance for sustained health. Eating regular, healthy meals can go a long way to providing the nutritional needs of skin cells and moisturizing the skin.

Facial skin is especially sensitive to external factors such as wind, temperature and certain skin products. Avoid harsh skin care products, as well as limit sun exposure and use sunscreen. Adequate rest, proper nutrition and water intake will improve skin health and hydration.

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Another Tip for Dry Skin This Winter. 
Professional Skin Care Advice
Now that winter is here, at least where I live, it's time to make some changes to our basic skin care regimen.
It's important to switch your body wash from gel to a more moisture rich sensitive skin type. And for heaven sake, stop using hot water! At least for the winter months. It's so important to moisturizer your entire body once you dry off. I know you have been told this over and over again, however it's a huge step in order to trap moisture into the skin. Once again, switch your body and facial moisturizer to a heavier and richer type.
Note: If you have oily skin or combination skin, use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. It's always important to apply additional moisture around the eye area. Even if you have very oily skin, you should apply and eye gel or creme under the eyes.
Over the years in my profession I see so many of my clients with over dry cracked skin on their heals.
With one simple added step to your daily skin regimen this condition can be minimized if not eliminated completely!
My favorite tip: In the evening at bedtime, keep a jar or tube of a petroleum based product like Vaseline on your night stand.
After you climb into bed, rub the product on your heels, your cuticles of your feet and hands. You may put on cotton socks to protect your bedding if you like. I personally have been doing this same step for years and I have never had dry feet of dry hands. It's a habit worth developing.
I have found that most lotions, even for the hands tend to not work as well as good old fashion Vaseline. Plus they tend to cost more than what you may need to spend.
Note: When skin becomes severely cracked applying a lotion full of chemicals can burn and itch. In which case applying a petroleum based product will not have that reaction.
Ok, hope that helps with anyone suffering from over dry or cracked skin.

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Donate while shopping online! 
Donate to a great cause when shopping online. By downloading the Good Search toolbar and using that search engine, you will be donating to my favorite cause the
You can enter your own favorite cause in the search if you wish.
Check it out!

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Winter Skin Do's and Don'ts  
Tips to prevent dry skin this winter.

-Do apply moisturizer over entire face and body after showering.
-Do take fish oil or essential fatty acids every day.
Fish oils will moisturize skin from the inside out.
-Do remember to wear SPF when exposing your skin to the sun for more than 30 minutes.
-Do keep SPF in the car and apply to the side of your face that is exposed to the sun.
It's common to have sun damage to one side of your face that is consistently exposed to the sun.
-Do apply SPF chapstick to lips when needed.

-Don't forget to change your face and body wash to a more moisturizing type.
-Don't shower with hot water.
It will dry out your skin.
-Don't forget to moisturize your skin as soon as you dry off.
You want to trap moisture into the skin.
-Don't blast the heat in your car on extreme cold days.
The extreme change in temperature can damage fragile facial capillaries.
Wearing a heavy moisturizer will help allow the skin time to adjust from extreme temperatures.
-Don't blow your nose so hard! This can damage capillaries around the nose.
-Don't forget to use fragrance free laundry soap and fragrance free fabric softener.
Your skin will thank you!

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