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3D Peptide Creme - NEW Product!

Peptides to the third power.
Collagen is a vital protein in our skin that gives skin its thickness and suppleness. While collagen decrease as we age and encounter environmental stresses, peptides serve as building blocks of proteins in the skin and signal existing collagen to form more collagen. 3D Peptide Crème brings 3 powerful peptides together in one formulation to significantly improve skin’s thickness and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Consistent use will improve tonicity of skin and reveal a more smooth sculpted appearance. The effects of lost collagen can be noticeably recovered with this powerful tri-peptide combination.


Benefits of Tri-Peptide Firming Creme:

  • Contains three advanced peptides
  • Minimizes appearacnce of fine lines and wrinkles immediately
  • Enhances skin deep within while providing moisturizing benefits
  • Ideal for normal to dry and aging skin types who want improved, firmer-looking skin
  • Feedback received: "This product has amazing all-day moisturizing effects..."

Tri-Peptide Firming Creme 1 oz. 30 ml  $52


Key Ingredients

Contains three advanced peptides: Syn-Hycan, Syn-Coll and Syn-Tacks

How to Use

Cleanse skin before each use. Apply a small amount to face and neck. Allow absorption before application of any additional products.

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  Skin Care Products for Acne and Anti AgingSkin Care Products for Acne and Anti AgingSkin Care Products for Acne and Anti AgingSkin Care Products for Acne and Anti AgingSkin Care Products for Acne and Anti Aging copyright 2012 © executive skin care products
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